Saturday, March 10, 2012

Meow and Purr Photos 001

Got my cat from a co-worker. I had seen a pic that she posted and all I say was her backside and just the whites of her paws. I just had to have her. Her mom had 5 in her litter just 2 survived think that's why she is feisty! :-) - from Kathy George

This is Kitty. She is a diabetic cat but I just love her! - from Mary Aurand

"This is the life ... "
I rescued Molly from a high-kill Shelter. In her first three months of life, she went from a Foster, to the Shelter, to a Pet Store, then back to the Shelter. She was going to be euthanized because she was too sick with a cold/virus :-( She really knows her to enjoy her new home! - from Janice Travia

This guy here my heidi girl found him in the wood in a hole he followed her home and she mother,d him till he was old enogh to take care on his own he was just a little tiny thing he is the king of the household now but very very loving will hugg you and clean all the other animals (Pamela Miller)

My Trace like to shop! (Grace Bryant)

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