Monday, November 14, 2011

Green Dog

It’s said that dogs are a man's best friends, well it certainly seems to be the case in Japan! Dogs here enjoy particularly unique, rather over indulgent care, with their lifestyle at times exceeding our own. Being dressed in designer clothes, weekly pampering in beauty salons and spas, personal nutritionist and physical activity trainers, and even holistic care consultants. It is interesting to witness such humanistic attitude towards pets in Japan where they often take the emotional place of families and the pet Chihuahua or Toy Poodle is pushed around in a baby stroller like their very own child. On the back of this a number of shops and locations aimed at enhancing the relationship owners have with their dogs have sprung up around Tokyo in the last few years.
Green Dog
Green Dog is a center for holistic life, situated in the upscale Tokyo Mid Town district, among high class restaurants, designer shops and museums. The objective of the center is to create a “joyful life with your partner (the dog)”. In order to achieve that Green Dog offers a wide variety of holistic treatments, including a free health consultation that follows careful selection of quality health products, i.e. carefully planned nutritional food and supplements, exercise advices, and suggestions for stress relief, although just how much stress a pampered dog can have is debatable!

Their “prestige trimming and grooming spa” focuses on the entire “physical and spiritual condition” (of the dog of course), saying “it is not about beauty only”. They have a wide variety of holistic cares at the spa; aroma massage, ayurveda pack, micro bubble, rock salt bath and mud pack costing anywhere between $150 – $400.
The center, with its two branches, also offers a medical clinic, custody hotel and a discipline study room that includes various training. They advertise being able to “deepen the trust between the owner and the partner, while advising on how to achieve balanced life style between the two individuals”. Green Dog also runs a blog which among other things has a corner called “today’s dinner”; suggestions of baking recipes or just a ten minutes toast.
dog's holistic care
Dog Petit Resort
Imagine the Ritz Carlton for dogs and you wouldn’t be far off here! On offer here owners can let their dogs experience swimming therapy, hotel, dog run yard, and very exclusive trimming courses including aromatherapy and relaxing massage and even designer cut and color. The center offers, as well as a swimming pool, a hydro-therapy area for rehabilitation or just for fun. For rehabilitation program there is even an option for a water treadmill therapy.
Not just reserved for the Japanese public dogs here can even experience the dog onsen (Japanese traditional natural spring baths) which follows shampoo and massage. The onsen is known for its health benefits, apparently also for dogs, and is healthy for expanding the blood vessels, which in turn benefits the blood circulation. Moreover, the site promotes that the warm water tranquilizes and naturally reduces pain or stress.
Pariero Mall Harajuku
Pariero mart Harajuku
Pariero Mall Harajuku is located at the very center of the fashionable shopping street, and is definitely standing up to the standards of the area. Seasonal wear collections, brand name goods, stylish accessories, owner items- such as carry bags and key chains, designed doggy bags and even Halloween costumes can be found these days.
We also shouldn’t leave out the feline friends either who enjoy just as much a pampering, Cat Prin is a design brand for cats’ fashionable items and more. You can check the site but don’t miss the video.
While child rearing in Tokyo becomes a less attractive option, having a pet becomes more and more popular. Beyond the fact that Japanese ladies can accessorize the pets and accessorize themselves with the pets, this phenomena also has a psychologically emotional benefit especially amongst the declining birthrate in Japan.

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