Wednesday, December 07, 2011

kitty fashionista

In case you aren’t already one of her loyal followers, we’d like to introduce you to Luna the Fashion Kitty. After becoming a sensation on YouTube and Facebook, as cats are wont to do, Luna snagged a gig blogging for Catster. “Dress Fur Impress” is essentially a personal style blog not unlike the Man Repeller or Fashion Toast, except run by a fluffy Himalayan cat.
If you’re thinking there is no way a cat could have enough outfits to fill up a blog, you are sorely mistaken. Luna probably has more outfits than many humans and a closet deserving of a Coveteur feature. As you’re probably starting to realize, Luna is no ordinary cat. In addition to her penchants for wearing clothes at all times, sticking her tongue out (it seems to be a permanent thing) and injecting “fur,” “paw” and “purr” into most words, she also loves to get out of the house. While my cat would probably kill me if I tried to put her in my purse, Luna is happy to go on adventures to the mall and other fun places, which she then documents on her riveting blog. She’s even started using her spotlight to do good, operating her own persian cat rescue effort.

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