Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Golden Spoon Animal Clinic

 i just wanna share you guys, the pets and animal clinic of my cousin Dr. Dennis Villanueva. He owns this newly opened animal clinic located at the Service Road of Taguig City, near West Bicutan Elementary School. So here's some of his alaga and adoptive pets.. (yeah he also adopt pets)

 Golden Spoon Animal Clinic, also sells varieties of pet foods!

 one of the patient named "Princess".. she's very lovely!
 ... and this is the spoiled Mr. Cobby, he is an adoptive pet, been rescued from near death.. we are lucky having him now... but yeah a bit brat

 one of the groomers doing the grooming session for this client.. that day I realized it so hard to maintain long hairs for dogs.. Do you know guys, that after the grooming, pets are not allowed to play with, coz they might get stressed out and get sick?... they are very sensitive too, like babies

 ... Mr. Cobby's GF Negra.. now they have 6 kittens! Congrats!

Golden Spoon Animal Clinic

Dr. Dennis Villanueva
C5 Service Road, Blk 2, Lot 26 Phase 1, Pinagsama Village, Taguig City
Contact Numbers: (02)668-2012 / 0933-951-3172

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Fukio said...

Princess reminds me of my cat "Momo". I miss her very much because I haven't seen her for nine years. She is now 15 years, but still alive.


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