Sunday, February 05, 2012

so sad about this tiny, little birds

i saw these tiny birds and chicks yesterday painted in synthetic spray-paint and heading on to where they going going to be sold. I pity them so much, first because of that paint, and second these cruel people making business with these.

on the upper and left cases are Maya Birds painted too with synthetic spray.. I must say that people are doing everything, even abuse and destroy the living things just to earn small bucks..


kylie padilla said...

Where is PETA now? :(

Eymard in Finance said...

Painted birds are not so new. Way back in elementary, it was the prize of a simple lottery.
I wish these birds will have proper treatment.

Sumi Go said...

This is indeed sad.. :( I've seen vendors selling colored chicks when I was in grade school. Parang nawala sila nung nag-high school and college ako. I hope this stops for good. If only our animal welfare act is implemented well.. :(

Leah. said...

Ay, dami nyan dito samen dati.. good thing, ngayon parang wala na. Those chicks may look colorful.. pero its cruel. kawawa lang ang mga sisiw..

Rence said...

oo nga. i remember buying them when i was small, pero namamatay din sila after several days kasi di naman ako marunong mag-alaga non nung maliit ako


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